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Welcome to PSGA! This group is a special benefit for members of the Puget Sound Grantwriters Association. PSGA currently has about 300 members--many are experienced grant professionals while others are just starting. To join PSGA, please go to ( ). This is an online forum for members to help each other: Ask questions, seek advice or discuss a topic of interest to grantwriters such as: - Questions about grantwriting and research - Questions about freelancing - How best to approach local funders - News about local funders or the grantwriting field in the Northwest --Events or issues of interest to PSGA members - Questions or issues of interest to others in your nonprofit field - Job announcements *To join PSGA Member Network:* *1. Click "+Apply For Membership In This Group" below or send a request to* ** *2. Reply to a message from the group manager to confirm your interest in joining the group. * *3. Reply to a second message from the group manager to confirm your PSGA membership. * In addition, please consider joining the subgroup "Non-PSGA Resources & Announcements,” if you are interested in posting and/or receiving information on non-PSGA events, workshops, etc. For more information, go to
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    This subgroup is for posting non-PSGA trainings, events, resources, etc. Feel free to post messages that do not require feedback from the members.  You can receive Daily Summary for this subgroup (recommended) while keeping Individual Messages for the main group. A few rules about posting: • Do not post the same message more than twice. • Always remember that the main goal of our member network is to help each other rather than promote your business. • Continue to use the main group if you want feedback.
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